10 Days of No Code Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp free download

This is a great idea from The Tech Academy! This 10-day course will make you an expert in Artificial Intelligence. By the end of these 10 days, you will have learned the core concepts of programming for AI, subroutines, loops, patterns, probability theory, neural networks, machine learning, reinforcement learning systems, deep learning using TensorFlow and PyTorch, and more. At the end of this class you’ll be invited to join our team of over 50 full-time engineers who are experts in AI. You’ll practice developing your skills with interactive projects that use TensorFlow and Python programming.

What you’ll learn in 10 Days of No Code Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

  1. Without writing any code, you can create, train, test, and deploy ten AI/ML models in ten days.
  2. Using Google Teachable Machine, create, train, test, and deploy AI models to classify clothing.
  3. Tensorspace JS, Google Tensorflow Playground, and Ryerson 3D CNN Visualizations are used to visualize cutting-edge artificial intelligence models.
  4. Explain how learning rate, epochs, batch size, accuracy, and loss differ.
  5. Using DataRobot AI, you can create, train, and deploy advanced AI to detect Diabetic Retinopathy disease.
  6. With DataRobot AI, you can use AI to solve regression problems and forecast used car prices.
  7. Examine AI models that have been trained using various KPIs such as the confusion matrix, classification accuracy, and error rate.
  8. Recognize the theory and intuition behind Residual Neural Networks (ResNets), a cutting-edge deep neural network widely used in a variety of industries.
  9. Learn how the classifier threshold affects the False Positive Rate (Fallout) and True Positive Rate (Sensitivity).
  10. With DataRobot AI, you can predict employee attrition based on factors like employee engagement, distance from home, and job satisfaction.
  11. Using Google Teachable Machines, build an AI model that can detect face masks.
  12. Using AWS SageMaker Autopilot, create, train, and deploy an XGBoost-based regression algorithm.
  13. Learn how to use a transfer learning strategy to transfer knowledge from one Artificial Neural Network to another.
  14. Learn how to compare the performance of multiple AI models using DataRobot, including XG-Boost, Artificial Neural Networks, and Random Forest Classifiers.
  15. Learn how to build, train, and deploy AI/ML models with the SageMaker Studio AutoML tool, which requires almost no coding knowledge.
  16. Differentiate between R2 (coefficient of determination), Mean Absolute Error, and Mean Squared Error, which are all KPIs used in regression models.
  17. Using Google Vertex AI, you’ll learn how to create, train, test, and deploy advanced machine learning classification models.
  18. Learn how to use AI/ML to predict credit card default for bank customers based on factors like interest rates and loan purpose.
  19. Learn how to use Google Vertex AI to create a new dataset, as well as how to run and manage experiments.
  20. Understand the theory, intuition, and mathematics behind simple and multiple linear regression, as well as the differences in KPIs for different regression models.
  21. After the hyperparameter optimization job is finished, deploy the best model and learn how to evaluate feature importance and explain model predictions.
  22. With Google Vertex AI, you can deploy and monitor AI/ML models, as well as build AI/ML applications.


  • Students who enroll in this course will master AI fundamentals and directly apply these skills to solve real-world challenging problems. There are no prerequisites, and it is open to anyone with no or basic programming knowledge.


Do you have what it takes to take advantage of this new wave of code-friendly AI tools that are paving the way for AI’s future?

No-code AI/ML tools are changing the game because businesses of all sizes want to use the power of Machine Learning and AI, but the barriers to entry are high.

Departments in healthcare, finance, marketing, and other industries are turning to no-code solutions for impactful solutions due to their quick implementation, lower development costs, and ease of use.

But, as revolutionary as they are, they’d be nothing if it weren’t for the fact that they’re led by someone like YOU…

Who this course is for:

  • Seasoned consultants who don’t possess coding skills (or have basic coding skills) and wanting to transform businesses by leveraging AI.
  • Visionary business owners who want to harness the power of AI to maximize revenue, reduce costs and optimize their business.
  • AI Practitioners wanting to advance their careers and build their portfolio.
  • Tech enthusiasts who are passionate about AI and want to gain real-world practical experience.
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