Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D free download

I have been working on my game for about four weeks now. It is still in early development stages but I thought that you guys would like to see what I have so far. The game is currently running at around 10 FPS, although I will improve this soon after I finish writing this.

What you’ll learn in Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D

  1. Learn C#, a powerful modern language, from scratch. No prior programming experience is necessary.
  2. Get to know the Unity game engine inside and out.
  3. Build a strong foundation in game design and development so you can create your own games.
  4. Learn how to use object-oriented programming in a real-world setting.
  5. Make playable game projects for your portfolio or personal satisfaction.
  6. Apply what you’ve learned in this course to.NET, other programming languages, and other areas.
  7. Develop coding problem-solving abilities that are highly transferable.
  8. Become a part of a wonderful and supportive group of people who share your interests.


  • Unity 2021 or later on a Mac or PC is required.
  • A desire to learn to code and a desire to do so.


Unity 2021.1 was used to remaster the course recently.
This course began as a Kickstarter success and has since grown to be the most popular and watched Unity game development course on Udemy, with full English closed-captions throughout.
Learn how to make video games with Unity, the world’s most popular free game development tool, starting from the ground up so you don’t need any prior knowledge of Unity or coding! With our online tutorials, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish right away.

Who this course is for:

  • Competent and confident with using a computer.
  • Some programming experience helpful, but not required.
  • Artists who want to learn to bring their assets into games.
  • Complete beginners who are willing to work hard.
  • Developers who want to re-skill across to game development.
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