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Learn how to use multithreading and multiprocessing for modeling certain types of problems . Develop programs with Python that are highly Concurrent and Parallel . Understand the advantages, limits and properties of Parallel computing . Learn about threads, processes, mutexes, barriers, waitgroups, queues, pipes, condition variables, deadlocks and more . See how to create responsive and high performance software with Python . Use the language of Python to learn more advanced programming skills in Python with more advanced, mulithreadreading and multi-processing topics . Use this book to help you understand more about the benefits of parallel computing and concurrency in Python .

What you’ll find out in Learn Identical Computing in Python

  1. Discover exactly how to produce receptive and high performance software.
  2. See just how to make use of multithreading as well as multiprocessing for modeling specific types of troubles.
  3. Develop programs with Python that are highly Simultaneous as well as Identical.
  4. Recognize the advantages, limitations as well as properties of Identical computing.
  5. Improve your programs skills in Python with advanced, mulithreading as well as multiprocessing subjects.
  6. Discover threads, processes, mutexes, barriers, waitgroups, queues, pipelines, condition variables, deadlocks and also more.


The mood in the meeting on the 12th floor of a global financial investment financial institution was as bleak as it gets. The designers of the firm satisfied to go over the best method onward after an important core application stopped working as well as created a system large blackout.

“Individuals, we have a significant problem right here. I discovered that the failure was caused by a race condition in our code, presented a while ago and set off last night.” claims Mark Adams, elderly programmer.

The area goes quiet. The vehicles outside the floor to ceiling home windows gradually and also calmly sneak along in the heavy city traffic. The elderly programmers promptly recognize the intensity of the scenario, realizing that they will certainly now be working around the clock to take care of the concern as well as figure out the mess in the datastore. The much less seasoned designers comprehend that a race condition is significant yet don’t know exactly what causes it as well as consequently keep their mouths closed.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to take their career to the next level by improving their skills and learning about concurrent and parallel programming.
  • College students currently learning about parallel computing who want to see how concepts learned in class relate to practice.
  • Experienced developers that have struggled with this topic and want to give it another try using a different approach.
  • Delivery managers called Brian Holmes.
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