Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing in Python (V2) free download

Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing in Python (V2) How to convert text into vectors using CountVectorizer, TF-IDF, word2vec, and GloVe . How to implement a document retrieval system / search engine / similarity search / vector similarity similarity . Probability models, language models and Markov models are models (prerequisite for Transformers, BERT, and GPT-3) How-to implement a cipher decryption algorithm using genetic algorithms and language modeling . How-How-to-implement spam detection and how-to implement an article spinner . What you’ll learn in Machine Learning

What you’ll discover in Machine Learning: Natural Language Handling in Python (V2)

  1. Just how to convert message into vectors utilizing CountVectorizer, TF-IDF, word2vec, and also GloVe
  2. How to implement a document retrieval system/ online search engine/ resemblance search/ vector resemblance
  3. Possibility designs, language models and also Markov versions (requirement for Transformers, BERT, and also GPT-3)
  4. How to implement a cipher decryption formula making use of genetic formulas as well as language modeling
  5. Just how to execute spam detection
  6. Just how to carry out sentiment evaluation
  7. Exactly how to carry out a post spinner
  8. Exactly how to apply message summarization
  9. Just how to implement concealed semantic indexing
  10. How to implement subject modeling with LDA, NMF, and SVD
  11. Machine learning (Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, PCA, SVD, Concealed Dirichlet Allotment)
  12. Deep knowing (ANNs, CNNs, RNNs, LSTM, GRU) (more important Requirements for BERT and also GPT-3)
  13. Hugging Face Transformers (VIP only)
  14. Just how to utilize Python, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, +Much More for NLP
  15. Text preprocessing, tokenization, stopwords, lemmatization, and also stemming
  16. Parts-of-speech (POS) tagging as well as named entity recognition (NER)


Hello friends!

Invite to Artificial Intelligence: All-natural Language Handling in Python (Version 2).

This is an enormous 4-in-1 course covering:

1) Vector designs and text preprocessing techniques

2) Chance models and also Markov models

3) Machine learning methods

4) Deep learning and semantic network techniques

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn natural language processing (NLP)
  • Anyone interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, or data science
  • Anyone who wants to go beyond typical beginner-only courses on Udemy
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