Manage Finance Data with Python & Pandas: Unique Masterclass free download

Manage Finance Data with Python & Pandas: Unique Masterclass . Step into Financial Analyst role and give advice on a client´s financial Portfolio (Final Project) Import large Financial Datasets / historical Prices from Web Sources and analyze, aggregate and visualize them . Calculate Return, Risk, Correlation and Rolling Statistics for Stocks, Indexes and Portfolios . Create Interactive Price Charts with Technical Indicators (Volume, OHLC, Candlestick, SMA etc.) Create Financial Indexes (price-, equal- and value-weighted) and understand the difference between Price Return and Total Return . Intuitively understand Modern Portfolio Theory (CAPM, Beta, Alpha, CML, SML, Risk Diversification)Authentication failed. Unique API key is not valid for this user.

Who this course is for:

  • Investment & Finance Professionals who want to transition from Excel into Python to boost their careers and working efficiency.
  • (Finance) Students and Researchers who need to handle large datasets and reached the limits of Excel.
  • Data Scientists who want to improve their Data Handling/Manipulation skills (in particular for Time Series Data)
  • Everyone who want to step into (Financial) Data Science. Pandas is Key to everything.
  • Everyone curious about how Financial Performance is measured and how (Stock) Indexes and Portfolios are created, analyzed, visualized and optimized. It´s the easiest way to understand the concepts with data examples rather than theories and formulas.
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