Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects free download

What you’ll learn in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects . The Complete understanding of Natural Language processing in Python will help you learn more about NLP . The Projects include Text Summarization (Turn 5000 word article into 200 Words) Text Summization (turn 5000 word articles into 200 words) Text Classification (Spam Detection, Amazon product Review Classification) and Spam Message Detection with Neural Network Based CNN and RNN models . The Project includes 8 projects that work with Text Files & PDF in Python (PyPDF2) and Word2vec (Word2vec) Word Embeddings application with Google Pretrained Model .

What you’ll learn in All-natural Language Handling (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects

  1. The Full understanding of All-natural Language Handling
  2. Implement NLP relevant task with Scikit-learn, NLTK as well as SpaCy
  3. Apply Machine Learning Model to Classify Text Information
  4. Text Category (Spam Detection, Amazon item Review Category)
  5. Text Summarization (Transform 5000 word write-up into 200 Words)
  6. Compute Sentiment Score from Just Recently Published Tweet (Tweeter API)
  7. Rejuvenate your Deep Understanding Ideas (ANN, CNN & & RNN
  8. )Construct your very own Word Embedding (Word2vec) Version with Keras
  9. Word Embeddings application with Google Pretrained Version
  10. Spam Message Detection with Semantic Network Based CNN and RNN Model
  11. Automatic Text Generation making use of TensorFlow, Keras as well as LSTM
  12. Working with Text Record & & PDF in Python (PyPDF2 module)
  13. Tokenization, Stemming and Lemmatization
  14. Quit Words, Parts of Speech (POS) Marking with NLTK
  15. Vocabulary, Matching, Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  16. Data Analysis with Numpy and also Pandas
  17. Information Visualization with Matplotlib collection


Recent evaluations:

“Detailed explanation, going excellent until now. An extremely simplistic and straightforward introduction to Natural Language Processing. I will certainly recommend this class to any type of one looking in the direction of Information Scientific research”

“This program thus far is damaging down the material right into wise bite-size pieces as well as the professor clarifies every little thing patiently and also gives simply adequate background to ensure that I do not really feel shed.”

“This course is actually helpful for me. it is easy to understand and also it covers a wide range of NLP subjects from the essentials, device learning to Deep Knowing.

The codes made use of is functional as well as valuable.

I absolutely satisfy with the web content and also definitely suggest to every person who is interested in Natural Language Processing”


Update 1.0:

Fasttext Collection for Text category section included.


Hey Information Lovers,

Do you have suggestion regarding Which Artificial Intelligence field is going to get huge in upcoming year?

According to statista dot com which field of AI is predicted to reach $43 billion by 2025?

If solution is ‘All-natural Language Handling’, You go to ideal location.


Do you need to know

If answer is “Yes”, You get on right track.

and to assist on your own, me and my close friend Vijay have actually developed extensive training course For Trainees and also Experts to discover Natural Language Processing from extremely Starting


NLP – “All-natural Language Handling” has actually located space in every facet of our every day life.

Cellular phone internet are the integral part of our life. Any type of many application you will certainly find the use of NLP methods, from internet search engine of Google to suggestion system of & & Netflix.

So, welcome to my course on NLP.

Natural Language Handling (NLP) in Python with 8 Projects


This training course has 10+ Hrs of HD Quality video, and also adhering to content.

Program Summary:

1: Welcome In this section we will certainly obtain total idea concerning what we are mosting likely to find out in the entire training course as well as understanding pertaining to all-natural language handling.

2: Setup & & Configuration In this section we will certainly get our on-line setting Google Colab configuration.

3: Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing In this area we will certainly dive into all fundamental NLP task like Tokenization, Lemmatization, stop word elimination, name entity acknowledgment, part of speech tagging, and also see how to use with various features available in a Spacy and also NLTK collection.

4, 5, 6: Spam Message Classification, Dining Establishment Evaluation Prediction (Great or poor), IMDB, and also Yelp review Category

In the following 3 area we will obtain study a real world information established for text classification, spam detection, dining establishment testimonial classification, Amazon IMDb examines. We will certainly see how to do Pre-Processing as well as make your data ideal for artificial intelligence formula and apply different Artificial intelligence estimator (Logistic Regression, SVM, Choice Tree) for classifying message.

7, 8: Automated Text Summarization, Twitter view Analysis In this 2 area we will certainly work upon real world application of NLP.

Automatic message summarisation, Which press your text to locate the recap of huge short articles

An additional one we will certainly function is discovering the view from the just recently posted tweet about some particular key words with the assistance of Twitter API – tweepy library

9: Deep Understanding Basics In This Section we will certainly get a basic idea about Deep learning principle, like synthetic semantic network activation feature as well as just how ANN functions.

10: Word Embedding In This Area, we will see Exactly how to carry out word2vec on our personalized datasets, in addition to using Pretrained Google Design.

11, 12: Text Category with CNN & & RNN In this area we will see just how to apply advanced deep understanding model like convolution semantic networks and also recurring neural networks for message category.

13: Automatic Text Generation utilizing TensorFlow, Keras and LSTM In this area we will use semantic network based LSTM version to instantly generate text.

14, 15, 16, 17: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib + File Handling In this section, for all of you that desire refresh concept related to data evaluation with Numpy and Pandas library, Data Visualization with Matplotlib collection, and also Text File handling and also PDF File handling.


So, This is the among the most extensive course on natural language handling,

And I am anticipating you to know basic expertise of python and your inquisitiveness to learn Different methods in NLP globe.


So What Are You Waiting For? Register today! as well as Empower Your Occupation!

I can’t await you to get started on understanding NLP with Python.

Begin analyzing your text information & & I will certainly see you inside a class.


Ankit & & Vijay

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested to learn Natural Language Processing
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