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Run Jupyter Notebooks in Docker . Use Docker Desktop for Windows Pro and MacOS and use Docker Toolbox for Windows Home . Master Dockerfile to Automate Container Image Build . Automate Multi-Container Deployments with Docker Compose . Containerize TensorFlow models into Microservices with Docker Swarm . Use Python Official Images to create Python official images for Docker . Design Flask and Django multi-Container deployments using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes . Deploy complex, multi-container applications in Docker Swarm or Kubernetses. Use Docker to create Virtual Machines with Docker Machine to create virtual machines with Docker Software. Use Python to create Docker Virtual Machines .

What you’ll find out in Python in Containers

  1. Build Container Image with Python Application in it
  2. Ship Container Photos to Docker Center as well as various other Container Picture Registries
  3. Run Jupyter Notebooks in Docker
  4. Use Docker Desktop Computer for Windows Pro as well as MacOS
  5. Usage Docker Toolbox for Windows House
  6. Usage Docker Device to create Virtual Devices with Docker Software Application
  7. Master Dockerfile to Automate Container Image Develop
  8. Develop Custom-made Container Images from the ground up
  9. Usage Python Authorities Images
  10. Style Flask as well as Django Multi-Container Deployments
  11. Automate Multi-Container Releases with Docker Compose
  12. Containerize TensorFlow Designs right into Microservices
  13. Deploy Complex, Multi-Container Applications in Docker Swarm
  14. Deploy Complicated, Multi-Container Application in Kubernetes
  15. Usage Kubernetes with Minikube on a Growth Host
  16. Use Kubernetes in Public Cloud (using example of Google Kubernetes Engine)
  17. Kubernetes Furnishings: Hulls, Sheathing Controllers: ReplicaSet, Release, Work, CronJob, Solutions, Ingress, Persistent Volumes
  18. Creating Kubernetes Things Layout Files
  19. Screen as well as Manage Application in Kubernetes
  20. Execute Containers with NVIDIA GPU Velocity


Docker and Kubernetes are the Must-Have Abilities for Python Enginner nowadays.

Whether your focus is in Artificial intelligence & & Data Scientific research, or you use Python as General Programming Language, you must recognize Docker & & Kubernetes. Both create a basis of Modern Cloud Native Applications built in Microservices Architecture.

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Who this course is for:

  • Python Programmers
  • Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning Engineers
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