Screenwriting & Storytelling Blueprint: Hero’s Two Journeys free download

Screenwriting & Storytelling Blueprint: Hero’s Two Journeys Blueprint . Learn how to write a story for film, television, or fiction . Obtain the SINGLE MANDATORY OBJECTIVE OF ALL STORYTELLING . Use wounds, belief, fear, identity, and essence to create three-dimensional characters. Use mythical archetypes’ power to your advantage. Use the mythical archetypical archetypes’ power to use your advantage . Determine the five pivotal moments in any screenplay or novel. Identify the five key moments in a screenplay . Create your own HEROIC ADVENTURES. Use the Hero’s Journey’s guiding principles.

What you’ll find out in Screenwriting & & Narration Plan: Hero’s Two Journeys

  1. Learn how to create a tale for film, tv, or fiction.
  2. Link the PLOT and also TRANSFORMATION trips on the outside and within.
  4. Ensure that your organization and also creative objectives are met.
  5. Enhance your target market’s and also viewers’ psychological involvement.
  6. Use the Hero’s Journey’s guiding concepts.
  7. Identify the 5 turning points in any type of movie script or novel.
  8. Usage injuries, idea, concern, identification, and also essence to create three-dimensional personalities.
  9. Use the mythical archetypes’ power to your benefit.
  10. Recognize the Hero’s 2 Journeys in prominent flicks as well as literary works.
  11. Create your very own HEROIC EXPERIENCES.

  • Storytelling is something I’m very passionate regarding.
  • Creating a story


Screenwriting as well as Story Tricks: The Hero’s Two Journeys brings together 2 of Hollywood’s the majority of in-demand story experts, authors, and also lecturers.
This course will certainly furnish you to captivate your viewers as well as audiences in order to attain both creative and also business success, whether you’re a film writer, writer, filmmaker, game designer, or storyteller in any kind of various other field.

Greater than 412 hrs of lecture, discussion, and Q&A were invested in this subject.
This course is a must-attend if you intend to take your manuscripts and also tales to the next degree– and your career with them.

Who this course is for:

  • ALL Storytellers…
  • Screenwriters and Filmmakers
  • Novelists
  • Television Writers and Producers
  • Actors, Agents and Studio Executives
  • Game Designers & Developers
  • Speakers and Presenters
  • Marketers
  • Anyone with a passion for movies and stories
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